The spoon bite of course will be better with Deep Diving crankbaits all improving. The bite on Texas Rigs and Carolina Rigs will also improve. The only thing that I’m concerned about is the Wacky Rig. If the water Temperature goes below goes below 55 it could slow the wacky bite down but not stop it.

The spoon bite will certainly improve from 28 to 38 feet and as deep as 55 feet. The chrome, gold and burnt nickel. The chrome and gold are the easiest to find but the burnt nickel is tough to find. Most of the spoon fish being caught are 32 to 35 feet mostly with chrome and gold.

Also fish Texas rigs and Carolina rigs deeper. Texas Rigs in 12 to 15 feet. Carolina Rigs fish 25 to 30 feet. There are days that both rigs with produce in the 15 to 20 feet especially of its cloudy. Deep Diving Crankbaits, use a DD22 which runs about 18-20 feet with a 12 pound Trilene fluorocarbon.


The crappie should be good all through December. They are about half and half have shiners and half jigs. Unless it gets really cold in the 40s, the crappie should be good all through December.

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